About Betsy Olmstead

I’m a thought-coach and mentor with a heart full of love and gratitude. I am active in body love / liberation, size acceptance, and the empowerment of those who’ve been marginalized.

I’ve got a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral work, anxiety, and depression. I’ve worked with individuals and groups in all age ranges, as well as with families.

In my spare time, I love to read, I write and journal with frequency near equal to my breathing, and I really want to be good at meditation. That’s a work in progress.

But then again, isn’t everything a work in progress?

Yes to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and pretty much anything that has The Kilcher Family, or Drew Barrymore in it.

I live in Columbus, OH with my love/best friend, our two really weird cats, and an African Grey parrot who aspires to teach at the post-grad level in a couple of years.

bets smile woods.JPG