What about RIGHT NOW?

I AM beautiful energy.

I just listened to a Gabby Bernstein talk from Amsterdam last year, and I’d like to write down some of my takeaways from it.

That what we believe, we manifest. A concept that I’ve long heard around manifestors and Boss Babes, is the idea that when we focus on all of the things that we aren’t, or all of the things that we don’t have, it is an inadvertant wish to continue in exactly that manner. So instead of saying or thinking that I’m so tired all of the time, and that I just hate being so tired, I’m grateful for the energy I do have.

I’m grateful I’m awake right now, writing these notes down, feeling uplifted, feeling elevated spiritually, in part because I have access to these meditations and lectures, but also because I made a commitment to be consistent with my spiritual practice. I made this commitment just a couple of days ago, so I’m still establishing my routine around it, but day two has me feeling even better than day one.

Another example of manifesting through thinking and believing is holding the thought and feeling of being abundant. Instead of being fearful of what will occur when these bills come due, and no money being available, may I consider how lovely it is right this moment, having internet, having a/c or heat, coffee to make, pets to love and cuddle with, a safe home with someone I love, a computer to work and play from. I have SO much. I really do have so much. When I think about my privileges, and my safe home, my comforts, my love, my time, I know how wealthy I am. I want to think about myself that way. I have anxiety around money, but it’s what anxiety is built of: Apprehension. Future-thought-worry.

Another take away from the talk Gabby gave is that living in this moment is what we need most.

Why spend all this time in future-thought-worry, in apprehension? The first step toward being who we are meant to be is being who we are. Understanding that we aren’t becoming someone, we are revealing more of who we already are, and that it is perfectly right already.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we just stopped wishing things were different and we started accepting how things are? Wouldn’t that be nice-- Tell me now, tell me some things that you accept and love about yourself.” (Gabby, 46:43 in video)

  • I sense others’ feelings exceptionally well.

  • I’m trying so hard to be in this moment, every moment.

  • I want to improve the world, and I want to participate deeply in it.

  • I want to have adventures.

  • I know that I am capable, even when I don’t feel like it.

  • I am kind.

  • I am patient.

  • I make amazing coffee.

  • I want to be a comfort, an inspiration, an encourager, a healer, and a support for others.

The next step, Gabby says, is to proclaim it. Say, “I am, a woman with great hair.” “I am a humorous woman!” “I am-” On the count of three, say it!




I AM beautiful energy.

Say it again, I AM beautiful energy.

That’s what came out of my mouth. I hesitated, I thought a moment, but just one moment. And it was almost as if someone else within me spoke. I’m going to let her speak more often. I am grateful for her and her voice.

“Let’s commit today to the acceptance of who we are, to the truth of who we are. Let’s honor all the difficult experiences that we’ve had, as great guidance to some of the shadows that we still need to heal, and today we make the commitment to shine light on those shadows so that we can step into the truth of who we are.” (48:05)