A Letter RE: Showing Up

Photo by  Allie Smith  on  Unsplash

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Dear Sister,

You have been feeling rough. Depressed, anxious, lost even. Even with all of your big plans, you've been discouraged. Not feeling like you can express yourself fully, not feeling like there's anyone who really knows you. But the saving grace of this is that you feel like you might really be getting to know you now.

You're beginning to learn that you're not crazy. You aren't broken. You don't need something or someone to fix you. What would help is your unconditional care and love for yourself. What would help is knowing you're not alone. There are people out here that get you, even if they don't know you yet. They are in this with you, they are rooting for you to be as free and as extraordinary as they know you are. We'll be here with you till you make it.

We'll be here with you till you make it. And make it you will. You are already the person who makes it. That isn't something that just happened! --it's always been this way. You just need to show up and claim it, for your sake, so you can see. So you know why you're not going to quit.

It's okay if setbacks happen. These are places to learn the lessons that you'll need going forward. It's okay if you don't feel on top of the world every day. But you have to show up.

This is important.

The changes you want to make, the person you are needs you to show up every single day. Whether that looks like working, or writing, or self-care, whether it's being a role model, or a person who shows someone what not to do, you need to show up. The one thing that this learning and unlearning will not tolerate is the absence of you.

You can't blow this thing out of the water if you don't come to the water.

You are the epicenter. You are the brilliant light that draws us in. You are the catalyst. You are the dreamer of your dream, and the planner of your plan, and you've got a band of sisters here to cheer you on, to hold you up, to get you back into the game every time you have doubt. And each time, the doubt is easier to negate. Each time, you get better at subduing the voices that tell lies, and the feelings that confirm insecurities until one day you just don't hear them anymore.

This is the reveal. This is the unlearning. This is the embodiment of who you are.


All you have to do is show up.