You struggle with the idea of body love.

I mean, it sounds like a nice concept, but it’s just not practical. I have weight to lose. I have these scars. Look at me.

So why would I love ::gestures to self:: ...this?
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Somewhere in there, I’d like to think that you know some of the reasons why your body is lovable. I’d like to think this isn’t the first time you’ve considered your implicit worth.

If not, let me let you in on a secret.

You don’t need to spend another day putting yourself down, acting small, or shrinking back from living your life. You can begin to change the role that your body plays in your life TODAY.

Body love isn’t the understudy to weight loss. It isn’t reserved for a designated few with a fast metabolism, symmetrical bone structure, or Insta-perfect skin.

Body love isn’t an excuse. It isn’t a denial, or a failure.

Body love isn’t a consolation prize for failing to lose weight.

Body love is your BIRTHRIGHT.

And you can claim it right now.

The rules of worth that we’ve been living by don’t apply to any of us.
— We get to make our own rules.


  • Being comfortable in your clothes

  • More power over your body

  • More positivity

  • More confidence

  • Less fear of criticism and judgement

  • Deeper connection with yourself

  • Freedom from living in a body you despise

  • Teaching your children how to avoid the trap of letting anyone define their worth

    Show them that no one gets to define their worth by learning that no one gets to define yours.


When you enroll in m|body, you’ll receive:

Weekly Workshops

You will have access to weekly workshops to learn the steps that I use to practice body love.

These workshops are held in a member’s only portal that will not only allow you to keep track of your progress, but allow you to continue to access the lessons and updates after our program wraps.


You’ll be invited to a weekly group coaching session to talk about more ways to use these steps in your daily practice.

You will also have an individual coaching session with me, so we can dig even deeper, and flesh out your personalized strategy for lasting transformation.


In m|body, you’ll be part of a small, private group of women who get what you’re going through.

You will have daily support from me, and our collective, in an exclusive m|body Facebook group.


And more.


The m|body program is an evidence-based series of workshops and coaching sessions to help you create your own body love practice.

In just 6 weeks, you will develop a personal strategy to build yourself up with KNOWING your limitless value. You’ll learn how to protect the strides you’ve made toward inner loving and peace. In just 6 weeks you will learn how to

  • Reframe negative thoughts and statements,

  • Smash social expectations that keep you living quietly, and

  • Flip the scripts you’ve recited to yourself longer than you can remember. Flip the scripts that keep your fear and self-deprecating habits alive and well. You spoke them into existence, and we can speak these patterns and beliefs into new, more loving thoughts and behaviors.

In m|body, you’ll be part of a supportive community of women who will see you, honor your experience, and your struggles.

You will have access to a weekly workshop to learn the steps that I use to practice body love and acceptance.

You’ll be invited to a weekly group coaching session to talk more deeply about ways to use these steps in your daily practice.

You will also have an individual coaching session with me, so we can spend some time really getting into what you need, and how to implement these strategies in your own life.

You will have daily support from me, and our group in an exclusive m|body Facebook group.

As founding member, you also get bonus features and fun!

You will receive exclusive discounts on Viv & Moxie offers, all throughout 2019.

You’ll receive a unique gift in the mail from me. (I love sending surprises!)

Finally, you’ll also get all of this at a price that will only be available to this first group. When m|body returns, the price will go up, and for good.

I used to wear over-sized hoodies, and long pants all summer. I never wore tank tops without a jacket, I definitely didn’t wear swimsuits or get in the water around others. Lights off in the bedroom. Terrified of receiving judging looks from others, I never met strangers’ eyes. Swathed in dark colors, every day, every occasion. Refusing to wear winter coats because I was already too ashamed of my size, I didn’t want to make it worse. Northeast winters are really cold.

Hungry, anxious, hyper-vigilant, too hot, too cold. Isolated.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What stories do you have of your body shame?

I want to help you rewrite them.

Two decades in the making, I have developed a system of self-love and confidence that really works. A collection of strategies that include science, research, emotion, experience, and vulnerability. It doesn’t have to take you twenty, ten, or even one year to begin. You can start your practice today, and learn how to make it your own in just six weeks. You’ll have the support and evidence to back you, and the guidance to help you move forward.

In the end, it isn’t just about your body. It’s about your whole self, and the ways you’ve learned to dance around your truth.

Here’s the truth:

No one gets to limit you, box you in, tell you who or what you are.

You can live a life curated by you.

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